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S1mp3.org是一个建立在“S1 mp3 player”(简称“S1mp3”)基础上的固件开源工程,在中国有很多MP3制造商,他们的产品都标记“S1mp3”。还有些产品是可以播放视频的,被称为“MP4 Player”。您可以在本站的文献栏目里找到相关介绍。


如果您有一台有故障(或功能有问题)的机器,请阅读这里:死机补救指南 或在 文献栏目查看相关内容。


  • You have an s1mp3 ? Please, help us to fill up the S1mp3 device database!
  • We are looking for translators! The translating process is very easy because of the php site structure! If you are interested, please send an email to:

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s1giveio v1.1 is out! (25/Oct/06)
s1giveio v1.1 now enables the user to upload and call executable binaries, doing what loadram does plus debugging functions with live hardware access in a single tool!
BLOD and BREC (25/Oct/06)
With help of wiRe, we now know that s1mp3s have two bootloaders, one residing on the internal EPPROM (BLOD) and a second stage one on NAND(BREC).
Launched s1mp3 devices database! (21/Oct/06)
Now, you can - and should - submit the details about your s1mp3 on the wiki. With SO many differences out there, we have to know what we're going to work with! ;)
Swan API Specification version 1.00 Released! (16/Oct/06)
Our very first step into making Swan real - The Swan API specification version 1.00 was released!! You are invited to take a read it and talk about on the Mail list.

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