s1giveio v1.1 is out! (25/Oct/06)
s1giveio v1.1 now enables the user to upload and call executable binaries, doing what loadram does plus debugging functions with live hardware access in a single tool!
BLOD and BREC (25/Oct/06)
With help of wiRe, we now know that s1mp3s have two bootloaders, one residing on the internal EPPROM (BLOD) and a second stage one on NAND(BREC).
Launched s1mp3 devices database! (21/Oct/06)
Now, you can - and should - submit the details about your s1mp3 on the wiki. With SO many differences out there, we have to know what we're going to work with! ;)
Swan API Specification version 1.00 Released! (16/Oct/06)
Our very first step into making Swan real - The Swan API specification version 1.00 was released!! You are invited to take a read it and talk about on the Mail list.
MTV support on ffmpeg (15/Oct/06)
The MTV media files are already playable with the ffmpeg's svn version! The Developer of the MTV demuxer wishes also to bring support for AMV and ACT, and S1mp3.org will help the best we can!
S1mp3.org is back! With our own server now! (07/Oct/06)
After facing various types of problems, after an unexpected server failure, after 2 weeks of downtime, we are finally back! We've been working intensively with the site and we are very happy to finally be back on! We are no longer officially supported by Gtlinx.com, and we are paying the server costs with advertisement on the site. Thanks for your support! :) Wait, more heat news are comming!
S1mp3 library for Factor (17/Sep/06)
Chris Double has ported an S1mp3 library for Factor!
Finished writing the new pages! (14/Sep/06)
The s1mp3.org fully refreshed content is pratically finished. Now, after some quick reviews, the content shall be ready to be implemented in the main s1mp3.org.
New s1mp3.org site on the way! (13/Jul/06)
We are just a few steps away to the new s1mp3.org site. On the wiki you can see how it's going and review our work.
Chinese site Online! (07/May/06)
S1mp3.org is now available on Chinese, thanks to the effors of the Easydigi.net friends!
FreeBSD Licence (14/Apr/06)
After a chinese clone of our site was discovered, (www.s1mp3.net) we decided to protect the data we have under the FreeBSD Documentation Licence. You can find more infomation about what this means at http://www.s1mp3.org/wiki/index.php/Free_BSD_Documentation_License
Our first AP for the S1mp3! (07/Apr/06)
The first AP written for the s1mp3 only using open code is an Hex-Viewer. Thanks to Brain for this piece of good code.
s1fwx 3.0 is out! (01/Mar/06)
A new version of the famous wiRe tool, s1fwx, is now available. It's strongly advised to re-backup your player's firmware. Now, "additional information gets extracted from your player's firmware!". This might be important while recovering from ADFU mode, but recovery through a dumped firmware is still not possible.
s1up in development (28/Feb/06)
wiRe has announced that a new program, called s1up, is in development, he claims that it will be about to recover dead devices using extracted firmware. He says it will replace the current update tool that is supplied on the mini CDs. It will soon be available at his site www.s1mp3.de
New program available : FIB (23/Feb/06)
Thanks to Fran, the s1mp3 community now has FIB, a full featured firmware hex and string searcher program! :)
S1mp3 with SD/MMC slot! (22/Feb/06)
A user reported an 1GB S1mp3 with support for SD/MMC memory.
New electric schematic available" (22/Feb/06)
Thanks to Jan Folkers, we now have complete, human-made, reliable and fine electric schematics from a S1mp3.
Updated firmware archive (09/Jan/06)
After a long time of waiting, the forum firmware archive has been updated.
There are now 122 firmware files in there!
Star rating system for FAQ (02/Jan/06)
Willing to make the FAQ more user-tasty, the FAQ session now has a 5-star rating system. Let's hope the FAQ gets a bit more popular among our visitors!
S1mp3 wiki launched! (30/Dec/05)
S1mp3.org now also host a mediawiki for the s1mp3 project (A wiki is a webpage that anyone can review and edit). If you have some interesting information, share with us! The page is open for public contributions.
S1mp3.org great review started! (27/Dec/05)
S1mp3.org site will pass through a great review, and we ask for help to all S1MP3 users to accomplish this task. Please, if you can help, review the s1mp3.org, and post your suggestions on the forum.
New s1mp3 with 128x128 screen! (24/Dec/05)
I never thought I'd see this ... what a surprise! A 128x128 pixels wide screen s1mp3. It's almost identical to Iriver H10 from outside, but it's definitively an s1mp3!
FAQ session now cleaner and easier to read! (23/Dec/05)
The site's FAQ session was updated. Now it hides all the answers, allowing a better view of all the questions. If you are interested - a click on the question will unhide the answer.
RSS feeds available! (21/Dec/05)
Finally, an RSS feed for S1mp3 is set up! Now you can see the latest news related to our favorite mp3 player anywhere! :)
Basic user guide for s1mp3 is out! (20/Dec/05)
Finally! The very basic guide to new S1mp3 users is out. Available in English and Portuguese
Project changed name! (19/Dec/05)
Project name is no longer muS1c pod ... Slowly, we are moving towards the favorite name.(Swan)
Artwork gallery page is out! (16/Dec/05)
New page on the site! Now users can easily share artistic works made for the s1mp3 on the gallery page!
Project moved and new .org domain name!! (05/Dec/05)
Project is now hosted by GTLinx.com. They also presented the project with a domain name: s1mp3.org! Thanks!
New telbook tool is out! (14/Nov/05)
Aurélio wrote a python tool to export any CSV contact source to the phone book aplication on the player.
Begginers guide in portuguese! (13/Nov/05)
A complete begginer's user guide is available in portuguese!(Now translating to English)
Duch translation is out! (07/Nov/05)
The Dutch version of the site is online! :)
Italian translation is out! (31/Oct/05)
The Italian version of the site is online!! :)
S1fwx sources are made public (26/Oct/05)
Wire released the s1fwx source.
First hello world!! (25/Oct/05)
S1first was released by wire! Now we can write to the screen and run code on the player!
Another disasm from Aaron (25/Oct/05)
Bootloader (brecf644) disasmed code with some comments by Aaron.
Another update tool available! (24/Oct/05)
Added the Mp3 player update tool v 3.57.
Another tool to flash the s1mp3 (21/Oct/05)
Update on tools and utilities! Added the "Procuct tools v 2.8"
More bootlogos and animations! (21/Oct/05)
More bootlogos and animations included!
Guide to remap the s1mp3 buttons (19/Oct/05)
Update on the advanced guides! Included a "How to fix button configuration"! Now you can edit your firmware and remap your buttons!
French translation done (17/Oct/05)
French translation is complete!
Russian translation is online! (15/Oct/05)
The Russian translation is complete!
Some CMS features added to the site (03/Oct/05)
The site now has an Administration part! It controls this feed you are reading! ^^
New page layout! :) (16/Sep/05)
After a hard time of work, a brand new layout and scripting has been released!
Language scripts written! (31/Aug/05)
The language scripts were finished and implemented! Now featuring Portuguese!
Page now in PHP! (29/Aug/05)
Started the PHP coding!
S1fwx v2.4 is out (08/Aug/05)
WiRe released a version of s1fwx (v2.4)
Project migrated to secret.com.br (08/Aug/05)
Web site and forum migrated to secret.com.br! Thanks very much to Pedro Muller for hosting us!!
New version of the site released (30/Jul/05)
Main redesign, project name changed to muS1c PoD!
S1fwx v2.2 is out! (16/Jun/05)
The version 2.2 of the s1fwx is available!
ATJ2085 datasheet v1.5 (16/Jun/05)
The ATJ2085 datasheet v1.5 have been found! (Thanks to Fariel.Urzua)
First dead device recovered! (05/Jun/05)
First successful resurrection of a dead device, by marvinadv!
Memory shorting discovered! (05/Jun/05)
Zio found how to reset the protection on dead devices by shorting some legs on the chip
Reestarting cause discovered! (05/Jun/05)
bt6819 found that bad static isolation was causing the restarts on the player
S1fwx v1.0 is out! (05/Jun/05)
wiRe wrote an app to download/decrypt/extract/repair .bin firmware files from the player!
First emu is out! (05/Jun/05)
wiRe wrote the first primitive emu for the player!

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