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1. MP3 Player Utilitiesback to top

The flashing("MP3 Player Update Tool"), formatting("MP3 Player Disk Tool") and conversion("Sound Convert Tool") tool that usually comes on a mini CD together with the player.

The version 3.0.6 includes an "MTV convert tool" and the versions 3.57 contains also a "AMV Convert tool" and a "AMV player".

  • Standard S1mp3:
  • 1.48 version [download](thx to ChileanMaggot)
  • 1.46 version [download]
  • 1.45 version [download]
  • 1.43 version [download]
  • 1.39 version [download]
  • 1.28 version [download]
  • Mp4 S1mp3:
  • 3.68 version [download] (With AMV convert tool)
  • 3.06 version [download] (With MTV convert tool)
  • 4.00 version [download]
  • Others:
  • Version for Mac users[download]
  • Product tools v 4.19 [download](industry flashing tool. Can flash more than one player at the same time.)

Instructions to use the "Product tools" :

1. Run BatchProduct.exe;
2. Go to "Replace firmware" and provide the new firmware;
3. Click "Begin Download" to flash the firmware.
Note: If "begin download" is not clickable, click "Read record" till your mp3 player gets recognized by the program.

Note: For the updater programs to work, windows must recognize the player first! (see Install drivers and make windows detect the player)

Wire has tracked all the update tool routine. If you need information, ask him.(wire @at@ s1mp3 _dot_ de).

2. Wire's toolsback to top

If you need to help using s1fwx or s1res, you can check the guides at or see (


Firmware extractor. Can dump firmware directly from the mp3 player. Can extract code and resource files from any type of firmware for the s1 mp3 player. See more information on the and on

Version 3.0 : [download]

S1fwx is licensed under the LGPL, and the sources can be obtained here: s1fwx_src.7z


You can use s1res to change the firmware you have extract with s1fwx. You can modify the images and the text, even for MP4 players with color OLED screen. See more information on the .

Version 1.6

s1res_v19.7z : [download]

Russian version of s1res(v1.5) : [download]

3. Fw modiferback to top

Can check/modify Fw files. The program can add/remove FM function, set the default language, change the type of battery(1.2/1.5V), and the boot and shutdown animation from .BIN files.

s1mod.7z : [download]

4. Telbook aplicationback to top

To use the phone book function of the player, you will need a tool to generate a binary file to be imported by the player phone book application. If your player don't work with one version, it will work with other.

manufacturer tools:

Aur�lio's tool:

Aurélio wrote a "all in one" telbook file script in python that can generate the telbook file in both versions(1.0, 1.1 and 2.0), directly from a CVS contact list. You can export your contacts information from outlook, yahoo, gmail or any exportable source directly into the player.

You can download it here :

If you are a mac user, you can get a AppleScript to export the Address Book on Aurélo's page.

The .py file is a python script, so you must have the python libraries installed.

Instructions to Aur�lio's tool:

Just call it under the command prompt and inform the output version, the CVS format type and the CSV contact file:

python -v [2.0|1.1|1.0] -o [outlook|yahoo|kontact|any] [CVS contact file]


python -v 2.0 -o outlook contacts.csv

For the format type (-o), you can use any of the tree predefined formats (Outlook, yahoo, kontact) or you can set up your own format.

In this case, you will have to map the CVS data to be imported in a matrix(starting by 1). To join two or more fields in one, put them inside (parenthesis)

Matrix shall order the data in this order:
Full name, mobile phone, home phone, email, birthday date, work phone Example: 'yahoo':[ (1, 2, 3), 13, 9, 5, 33, 10 ]

  • (1,2,3) are the positions that together hold the "Full Name";
  • 13 is the position with holds the "mobile phone";
  • 9 is the position with holds the "home phone" and so on...
If you look at a yahoo generated CVS file, each line will be like this:
name1,name2,name3,,email,,,,home phone,work phone,,,mobile phone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,birthday date, [...]
[1]  [2]   [3]     [5]      [9]        [10]         [13]                          [33]
So, for the yahoo CVS format, you can use this command(note that you can only use (parenthesis) if you edit the source): python -v 2.0 -o '1,13,9,5,33,10' contacts.csv or simply use the saved matrix on the source named 'yahoo': python -v 2.0 -o yahoo contacts.csv
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