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1. Using your playerback to top

Q1: Is there a firmware update for my player? Q2: The player has less memory than normal, and restarts displaying "format error", "I/O error" or "disk error" when I upload more than 128/256/512/etc MB, OR it always reestart after playing song X. Q3: My device is at "ADFU server" mode and I can't acess it using windows... Q4: Can the s1mp3 can recharge the battery while it is connected to pc?? Q5: I can't get my telbook function to work! Q6: How can i get my lyrics function to work? Q7: The LED colors keep changing every time I press a button! How can I stop it? Q8: I can't play all the songs I put on my player(only the first 99), what can I do? Q9: How do I change/add a language to my player? Q10: how can i change the order that the s1mp3 plays the songs? Q11: I can't open text files? why? Q12: What is the difference between actions s1mp3 players (with atj2085 or atj 2075), and the sigmatel STMP35xx? Q13: When playing songs (sometimes/always) there is a low "buzzing" sound in the background of the song. Q14: My player has always a bit less memory available then it claims. Why? Q15: My player can't find any FM station. Q16: Can I change the recording date? Q17: How can I have a full screen 200x200 video for my 1.5'' mp4 player? Q18: What type is my player ? Q19: Can I replace the internal rechargeable battery? Q20: Help! My S1mp3 can't show the music inside my subfolders! Q21: My player works with batteries but not when connected to the USB port, why? Q22: I get a "Hard Error" when trying to enter the FM application. Q23: Does the S1 MP3 Player support Digital Rights Management? I can't download music I've bought because the licence won't copy onto the player. Q24: My player keeps "restarting" similar to the static electricity problem but i have completely isolated the player from static according to the instructions. It happens every time I get to a specific track as if it won't play any further. Q25: How can you work out your model name of my s1mp3 ? Q26: The "scan" function of my FM radio does not work or is disabled.

2. Fixing you playerback to top

Q1: My player is dead! please help! Q2: How can I find a firmware for my XXXXX player? Q3: What does "Unknown flash type" or "flash not responding"means? Q4: I can't get the PC to recognize it, no matter what! Q5: My player only works connected to the USB port. Q6: I formatted my player, and now it doesn't work anymore, what do I do? Q7: My s1mp3 can't work using power from batteries, but works using power from USB. Q8: Where can I find the adfuud.sys file? Q9: I get a "device write protected, please remove write protection" when I start the FW upgrade program. Q10: Where can I find a spare glass?(the one who protects the LCD screen) Q11: The mp3 player shuts down by itself all the time (shows "starting"). What to do? Q12: When I copy mp3 format music files the player says there is a format problem in the file so unable to playing it. Q13: The player X looks like the player Y, can I use Y's firmware dump on X ?

3. Modding your firmwareback to top

Q1: Is there a way to change the text/images included on the firmware? Q2: Can I modify equalization presets with a different response curve? Q3: My player only has one color backlight, can I upgrade my firmware to get more colors? Q4: How can I add the FM Radio function? Q5: Does the s1mp3 player support playlists? Maybe by firmware update? Q6: How do I change the battery type from 1,5V to 1,2V - rechargeable? Q7: What are all those .7z files? Q8: How can I change my mp4's interfrace with cool backgrounds? Q9: How can I change the button configuration?

4. About the projectback to top

Q1: How can I help with the project? Q2: Is there a forum or a chat group?
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