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About is an open project to provide users of the chinese mp3 players known as “S1 Mp3 Player”(or simply S1mp3) the best software, information, and resources to use with it.

If you are a DEVELOPER, you are invited to the development main page.

If you have a broken / nonfunctional device, please, see the Dead recovery guide and the at the documentation part.


  • You have an s1mp3 ? Please, help us to fill up the S1mp3 device database!
  • We are looking for translators! The translating process is very easy because of the php site structure! If you are interested, please send an email to:

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s1giveio v1.1 is out! (25/Oct/06)
s1giveio v1.1 now enables the user to upload and call executable binaries, doing what loadram does plus debugging functions with live hardware access in a single tool!
BLOD and BREC (25/Oct/06)
With help of wiRe, we now know that s1mp3s have two bootloaders, one residing on the internal EPPROM (BLOD) and a second stage one on NAND(BREC).
Launched s1mp3 devices database! (21/Oct/06)
Now, you can - and should - submit the details about your s1mp3 on the wiki. With SO many differences out there, we have to know what we're going to work with! ;)
Swan API Specification version 1.00 Released! (16/Oct/06)
Our very first step into making Swan real - The Swan API specification version 1.00 was released!! You are invited to take a read it and talk about on the Mail list.

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